VR Audio Kit Platforms

VR Audio Kit is available on this platforms :

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vr audio kit, Windows platform, 3d Audio, 3d Sound, 3d Sound Labs
vr audio kit, Android platform, 3d Audio, 3d Sound, 3d Sound Labs
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OS Compatibility

• Windows 7 or Later
• OSX 10.10 or Later
• Android 4.2.0 or Later
iOS 8.0 or Later

Compiler Compatibility

• Visual Studio 2015
• Xcode 8.0
• Android NDK r12b


VR Audio Engine

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3D Sound Labs Hybrid 3D Audio Engine

Because we believe HOA paradigm is key to the future of 3D audio, we have developed a novel way to render HOA based content over headphones that provides less sound coloration and use much less CPU than traditional virtual speaker based implementations.

3D Sound Labs VR Audio Engine combines both object and HOA 3D audio engines, providing a high performance multiplatform 3D audio engine capable of rendering complex audio scenes in real time.


Ambisonics based

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CPU efficient

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VR Audio Engine Features

HRTF Based Binaural Rendering

The VR Audio Kit engine uses Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) to acurately transform sound sources and make them sound as tough they originate from a specific desired direction.
The listener can therefore acurately localize sound sources both in azimut and elevation.

Environmental Modeling

An HRTF provides strong directional cues, but without room effects, the sound is often dry and lifeless. Some environmental cues (e.g. early reflections and late reverberation) are also important in providing strong cues about the distance to a sound source.
The VRAudioKit engine supports early reflections and late reverberation by providing a simple room model consisting of a virtual room with four parallel walls, a floor and a ceiling at varying distances with adjustable reflection coefficients.


The VR Audio Kit engine processes sounds in the spherical harmonics domain called High Order Ambisonic (HOA) which makes the engine fully scalable in terms of sound source number and platforms.


3D Audio Formats compatibility

Among VR Audio Engine features, the VR Audio Kit engine supports monophonic point sources as well as surround multichannel or ambisonic (HOA) audio “beds”.
It supports all ambisonic audio formats (FUMA, ACN-SN3D, SCN-N3D, SID-SN3D, SID-N3D, …) which makes it fully compatible with new 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, MPEG-H 3D Audio or Youtube 360.

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VR Audio Kit Licences

VR Audio Kit evaluation license

Get a grasp of VR Audio Kit with the evaluation license. You’ll have access to the full features set with an audio watermark.

In this way you will get a clear picture of the power of our technology and how it can integrate into your project.

Give us your feedback and share your projects with the community !

VR Audio Kit pro license

Are you planning to use VR Audio Kit in a distributed project ?
Get a watermark-free version of VR Audio Kit with a distribution license.

To get more info, simply drop us a line at developers@3dsoundlabs.com!