3D Sound Labs Steps Into 3D Audio Production

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The MainBerlin Studio in Berlin, Germany is the first professional studio to deploy the Sfëar 3D Audio solution powered by 3D Sound Labs in their 3D audio production

April 19, 2017, 7:00 – 3D Sound Labs

3D Sound Labs, the 3D/VR Audio specialist, announced today that its 3D Audio technology is ready to be used by professional audio content creators and artists at the MainBerlin Studio in Berlin, for 3D Audio content production. The studio is the first to deploy the 3D Audio solution provided by Sfëar, Eurecat‘s brand for binaural 3D audio production tools, as a result of a private joint initiative with 3D Sound Labs, and Voodoopop.

We are proud to be the first commercial studio in Europe with a full Sfëar set-up powered by 3D Sound Labs and believe in the new possibilities that we can achieve working with immersive audio” said Peer Neumann, co-owner at MainBerlin. Ulrich Wirth, sound designer added: “Having an ambisonic-to-binaural system with real time head tracking enables us to work in real 3D audio and freely convert between binaural and 3D reproduction to deliver to anyone regardless of their technical setup. The Sfëar tools are very intuitive and fast to use and open countless new doors for creation. We are convinced we have one of the most powerful tools for the emerging demand of immersive media right here at our fingertips.

To further on the development of 3D audio technologies, since 2016, 3D Sound Labs decided to partner with 4 other European companies (Eurecat, HEAD acoustics GmbH, Antenna International and Voodoopop) to create the BINCI consortium, encompassing all the different expertise areas involved in the 3D Audio creative workflow: recording production, post-production, exhibition and delivery. The BINCI project (which stands for binaural tools for the creative industries) started early 2017 and received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The goal is to deliver market ready solutions proven in real production environments.

Artists and content creators will have the ability to test the BINCI tools throughout the development phases. Indeed, the setup at MainBerlin Studio will be made available to validate early-on with professional end-users the new, experimental technologies that are being developed by the BINCI project.

Moreover, the BINCI project has recently been recognized by VERTIGO’s program of artistic residencies as one innovative R&D project in the field of information and communication technologies. The VERTIGO program is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) supported by the H2020 Program of the European Commission with the goal to boost synergies between artists, creative people and technologists. Their program of artistic residencies, with a total budget of 900 k€, aims to fund the participation of at least 45 artists in R&D selected projects. Applications are now open and will close on May 22nd, 2017 (For more information and to apply for a residency: http://vertigo.starts.eu/call-for-artistic-residencies

3D/VR audio provides a new degree of freedom for artistic minds. They can choose where to position each instrument and immerse the listener in a dynamic spatial audio scene, or blur the lines between recorded and live music events,” said Dimitri Singer, CEO at 3D Sound Labs. “It’s a new opportunity for the music industry. With our partners within the BINCI project, 3D Sound Labs is building the proper tools to record and play back music in ways we’ve never been able to before.


About 3D Sound Labs

“3D Sound Labs is a French VR Audio technology company. It develops 3D/VR Audio software technologies as well as hardware (3D Audio headphones and motion tracking modules) to enable immersive and realistic experience of spatial sound over headphones thanks to its HRTF-based Ambisonics binaural engine. Its SDK will be integrated into BINCI tools which will be compatible with the companies’ head tracking hardware.
More at http://www.3DSoundLabs.com


About Sfëar

“Sfëar is a new generation of 3D audio solutions that opens up the world of spatial sound to content creators and professionals alike. Sfëar is Eurecat’s commercial brand for their 3D Audio and binaural tools.
More at http://www.sfear.com



“BINCI is a European consortium composed by five partners (Eurecat, HEAD acoustics GmbH, 3D Sound Labs, Antenna International and Voodoopop) with funds from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.
BINCI’s main objective is to develop an integrated software and hardware solution to ease the production, post-production and distribution of binaural 3D audio content meant to be experienced by consumers through headphones. BINCI tools for binaural 3D audio production will be fully suitable to develop professional applications in the creative industries (e.g. music, video games, virtual and augmented reality, etc.).
More at http://binci.eu


About Eurecat

“Eurecat is the leading Technology Centre of Catalonia with extensive experience in developing cutting-edge audiovisual technologies for the media sector and the creative industries. It provides the industrial and business sector with solutions to their innovation needs and boosts their competitiveness in a fast-paced environment. Eurecat is the project coordinator and leads the software development of binaural plugins and tools.
More at http://eurecat.org


About HEAD Acoustics GmbH

HEAD Acoustics GmbH is one of the world’s leading companies for integrated acoustics solutions, as well as sound and vibration analysis. With more than 30 years of consolidated expertise, it contributes to the project with its expertise on acoustic measurements devices, leading the work concerning hardware for acoustic measurements and equalization.
More at http://www.head-acoustics.de


About Antenna International

Antenna International is the world’s leading provider of audio and multimedia visitor experiences in the global cultural arena, counting with offices and teams around the world. The company will be in charge of implementing the experimental production pilots to be carried out in cultural and touristic sites.
More at http://www.antennainternational.com


About Voodoopop

Voodoopop is a small Berlin-based, creative lead animation and production studio producing image films, music videos and TV clips, and recently orienting towards immersive experiences like VR and 360 degrees video. Keen to experiment with the latest audiovisual technologies and to offer their clients innovative, immersive and unique experiences, Voodoopop will have a central role in forming the project’s user group and testing the tools developed.
More at http://www.voodoopop.com