What is 3D Audio ?

3D Audio is a generic name that encompasses ways to render audio like in reality and in particular its spatial dimension; it is the capability to produce and perceive sounds in any direction and at any distance. At 3D Sound Labs we prefer to call this technology Virtual Reality Audio or VR Audio.

3D Audio is key to developers as it provides several important benefits compared to traditional state-of-the-art multichannel audio (5.1, 7.1), including immersion, realism, localization and intelligibility.

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VR Audio Engine

3D Sound Labs Hybrid 3D Audio Engine

Because we believe HOA paradigm is key to the future of 3D audio, we have developed a novel way to render HOA based content over headphones that provides less sound coloration and use much less CPU than traditional virtual speaker based implementations.

3D Sound Labs VR Audio Engine combines both object and HOA 3D audio engines, providing a high performance multiplatform 3D audio engine capable of rendering complex audio scenes in real time.


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CPU efficient

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Audio Plugin

This Audio Plugin lets you play First Order Ambisonics content.

Personal HRTF Audio

Existing VR audio solutions do a somewhat good job at virtualizing 3D Audio with non-personalized HRTF. However, anybody who has experienced a VR Audio content with his own HRTF knows that the perception improvement compared to non-personalized HRTF is massive!

With your own personal HRTF, everything sounds clear, sharp, outside the head and incredibly real. You can really experience auditory presence in an audio scene. The best analogy we could think of is a visual one: listening to VR Audio with personalized HRTF is like watching video in UltraHD and listening with non-personalized HRTF is like watching a low definition blurry video

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